Innovation at Its Finest: Ford Explorer

Explorer’s are still one of the leading vehicles on the road today. The Ford Explorer is a great pick amongst SUV’s, as it offers so many choices to suite your needs while still providing longstanding dependability as it has for many years.

  • You can select from a 3.5 liter in Ecoboost or V6, or the 2.3 liter.
  • You have the ability to seat up to seven people in the new Explorer.
  • With many different trim and fabric options, it is extremely customizable.
  • The explorer is roomy and temperature controlled, proving personal comfort is essential.

Visit us here at Heritage Ford to view all of the different varieties of Ford explorers in stock today. Get all the details you need and go for a test drive to see and feel the elegant power of the Ford Explorer. Pick out the vehicle to allow you to remain safe while riding in comfortable individuality.

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