Ford C-Max Feature Fuel Saving Technology

The new Ford C-Max delivers power that you would not expect from a hybrid. This compact hybrid has the best performance in its class. Let’s explore the technology behind this performance.

The powerhouse behind this performance is a 2.0L IVCT Atkinson-cycle I-4 engine. Technologies such as regenerative braking, a brake coach, electronically controlled continuously variable transmission, and active girl shutters enhance the ability of the engine to deliver power where it is needed. When it comes to saving power, little things add up and this combination of systems creates a powerful hybrid that still achieves maximum fuel efficiency. This hybrid can reach top speeds of 85 mph on the highway, but it does so while keeping an eye on energy expenditures, which is why you will love it.

Stop by Heritage Ford and test drive a Ford C-Max today and see the power for yourself.

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