What are Some Symptoms that My Fuel Filters Should be Changed?

Fuel filters collect dirt, debris, rust, paint chips, and other sorts of contaminants that should not be in your fuel. Naturally, the fuel filter will eventually clog if it is not changed out. If you do not have your fuel filter changed regularly, then watch for these symptoms of a clogged fuel filter.

The first symptom of a clogging fuel filter is a shaky engine while idling due to inadequate fuel pressure. Another symptom is when your engine runs perfectly at high rpms but struggles at low rpms because of a partially clogged fuel filter. If your car suddenly has difficulty starting or if your vehicle dies while driving, these can be symptoms of a clogging fuel filter. When your car refuses to start, check the fuel filter first; the filter may be completely clogged.

Our service center here at Heritage Ford in Modesto, CA can replace clogged fuel filters.

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