Bad Brakes Can Be Unsafe

Having brakes that are functioning properly is an essential aspect of a vehicle that is safe to drive. Oftentimes a possible braking problem is signaled by a brake pedal that is "spongy" or "soft" when it is pressed, instead of firm.

Some possible reasons for having a soft brake pedal can be that there is air in the brake lines, which can cause the fluid to not flow properly. Other causes can be damaged brake lines, bad brake calipers (calipers squeeze the brake rotors on the wheels), bad wheel cylinders in a vehicle with drum brakes or a worn master cylinder.

If you suspect that there are problems with your brakes, do not hesitate to bring your vehicle in to our service center at Heritage Ford in Modesto, CA for a thorough servicing. We can detect and help you solve any issues that your brakes may be having.

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