Ford Fusion Hybrid Optional Mirror Features Explained

The brand-new Ford Fusion Hybrid is equipped with a number of standard features, but it’s the optional interior specs that make it more intriguing. Optional features cost more, and it’s helpful to understand whether they are worth the additional money you pay before you shop for a new Fusion.

Two of the optional interior features the Hybrid Fusion offers are worth the added cost to drive. The Electrochromic rearview mirror and the mirror memory are two features that make driving this vehicle not only more comfortable but also safer. The Electrochromic rearview mirror automatically dims the intensity of harsh lights shining into it to prevent your reduced visibility. Memory mirrors automatically adjust to your specific settings so you don’t waste time adjusting them prior to driving off.

If you’re not sure how either optional feature can help your driving abilities, come down to Heritage Ford to test drive a new Fusion Hybrid. You won’t find a more enjoyable way to drive through Modesto, CA than when you know your visibility is on target.

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