The 2018 Ford Edge Features the Driving Power You Need

When you look into different vehicles you see different features that each one has. All-wheel drive is something that can help you as you take on a variety of road conditions and it can power your vehicle in all kinds of weather. Intelligent all-wheel drive comes standard in the sport editions of 2018 Ford Edge, and it is an option in all the other additions.

Intelligent all-wheel drive is something that helps your vehicle know what it needs from its wheels and get that. It is something that helps you travel with the power that you need. It helps you keep control on all road surfaces. The 2018 Ford Edge is offering you something great by giving you intelligent all-wheel drive.

If you would like to learn more about the 2018 Ford Edge, stop by our Modesto location. Heritage Ford would love to help you take this vehicle out for a test drive.

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