The Ford Focus ST Presents Safety-Boosting Technology

Performance hatchbacks appear on roads all over the United States, and the Ford Focus ST ranks as one of the most popular. The model delivers on what customers want while also providing a few surprises. The added technology features are among those surprises.

The presence of a rear-view camera should appeal to those with concerns over safety. A rear-view mirror can only do so much. Looking over your shoulder has its limitations. A digital camera picks up the proverbial slack and lends a helping hand when backing up.

BLIS, the Blind Spot Information System, also adds another layer of safety. The feature does what its name suggests: it provides alerts about other vehicles in blind spots when you choose to change lanes. The feature also comes with a "Cross Traffic Alert" function that delivers vehicle warnings when backing out in reverse.

Learn how these and other tech features work by taking out Ford Focus ST on a test drive in Modesto, CA.

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