The full-sized Ford Explorer ST remains popular among SUV owners who prefer a larger vehicle. But, the ST additionally provides the level of performance needed for work or play. Get up close and personal to the new models in our Modesto, CA Heritage Ford inventory. Take one out for a test drive.

The models come standard with a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder boosted engine that provides up to 365 horsepower. The vehicles also come standard with intelligent 4WD systems. Sensors continually monitor road conditions in order to ensure that each wheel receives the level of traction needed at any given time.

If desiring to tow a trailer and recreation options, the standard sway control system gives the driver a greater degree of control with less hassle. The vehicle also features adjustments for different types of terrain. When going down a hill, the transmission makes the necessary changes to avoid undue wear and tear on the brakes.

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