Navigating The Power of the Ford Super Duty

When you hear the name Ford Super Duty, you likely imagine that it has quite a bit of power behind the truck. With a few different powertrain and motor options available from Heritage Ford, you can choose the design that is suitable for your needs whether it's transporting your family or hauling a small trailer.

The truck is designed with a V8 motor so that it has the power to pull up various types of terrain. There are various liters available pertaining to the motor and transmission depending on the size that you desire under the hood. Some transmissions have 10 speeds, which are ideal for navigating rough terrain and steep hills.

An option to consider if you desire maximum power would be the diesel motor. Even with a V8 motor, you'll still get exceptional fuel mileage because of the number of gears in the transmission as you're not going to need to shift from one that is low to one that is extremely high in Modesto, CA in a short time.

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