The more high-quality cars change, the more they stay the same. Case in point: today's Ford Mustang has smart features that weren't available when the original 1968 Mustang hit the streets, and it still has legendary speed, performance, and iconic styling. Furthermore, with room for four and a great starting price, it's an incredible value.

The Mustang's independent rear suspension cuts body roll to a minimum and smooths out imperfections in the road, and the result is awesome handling at the steering wheel. What's more, H-arms and aluminum-alloy knuckles help keep weighted mass in its place.

To give you the type of steering experience you demand, Selectable Electric Power-Assisted Steering is available. This feature allows you to choose between Sport, Normal and Custom settings depending on the level of engagement you want with the road at a given time. In short, the Ford Mustang of today is up-to-the-minute on handling and safety features, so test drive one at your convenience.

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